My Family

Part of my preparation for a mission included bringing a four-generation pedigree chart and learning about my family history. I was also asked to bring a few stories about my ancestors.

Since I have a few old {OLD} family pictures, I thought I would share them here, too.

Orson Stanton Goldsberry and Julia Christina Bradshaw Goldsberry, married 14 March 1899. Sealed 26 June 1961, Logan Utah Temple.
{My great great grandparents - Goldsberry side}

"My parents (Orson Stanton Goldsberry/Julia Christina Bradshaw) grew up together in Paradise [Utah]. Dad and one of his brothers were a little bit on the adventurous side and they spent quite a bit of their time traveling around the country. Dad went to Utah State for five years. He lacked one year of getting his degree. He probably got married before he finished it. They lived in Paradise during my early years much like the first settlers in the valley did."

"Shortly after I was born I developed pneumonia, which is very understandable when you realize the type of housing we had in those days. It was hard to keep babies warm. I was born in December so I faced the winter while I was very young, I had it quite badly, but it didn't leave me with anything. As a boy I was as healthy as any. The doctor didn't think I would live, but with the care of my mother, who stayed up nights to tend me, and the administration of the Elders, I recovered."
(Written by Orson and Julia's son Orson William Goldsberry)

Martina Bolina Jensen Larsen and William Larsen, married 30 June 1896. Sealed 14 November 1900 in the Salt Lake City Temple.
{My great great grandparents - Goldsberry side}

"I was born in Sundbylille, Denmark, the second of April, 1872. I was the oldest of ten children. ...Only two times do I remember being in a church while in Denmark. We belonged to the Lutheran church at this time. [Both occasions were for funerals.] In the year 1880, Grandmother Johanna Kirstine went to visit her son Lars, who lived in another town. When she came back, she told us she had become a member of the Mormon church. Uncle Lars and Aunt Lena had also joined. Then followed a period of time when the Elders of the church visited us, and a series of cottage meetings were held in our home. I remember so well the thrill I got the first time the Elders came to our home."

"In December of that year my parents were baptized and on the 2nd of April, 1881 I was baptized. This was my ninth birthday. This took place in Slaxlund. I remember I walked all by myself to this town, having to go through the woods. Grandmother Johanna Kirstine was there at her son's home and the Elders were also there to baptize me. Niels and his family had also joined the Church."

"It had to be done after dark and it was real cold water. I remember my clothes got stiff before Grandmother could get them off of me. It was quite a little walk back to the house, but Aunt Johanna had something warm for us to eat. Elder H.A. Christiansen baptized me and when we got the the house Elder N.J. Henriksen confirmed me. (Written by Martina Bolina Jensen Larsen)

Ethel Grace Papworth Call and Thomas John Call, married 19 September 1906 in the Logan Utah Temple.
{My great great grandparents - Call side}

"In the year 1904, I was appointed Afton Ward Clerk under Bishop Osborne Low. He was Afton's third bishop. I acted as Ward Clerk for 33 years, 1904 - 1938."
(From History written by Thomas J. Call)

"From 1908 to 1927 the children were born - all ten of them...  There were broken arms, cut fingers, dog bites, measles, whooping cough, influenza, and even death. In the 1919 flu epidemic, all were down at one time, including mother and father. Divine help had always been sought in daily family prayers, but this time the neighbors were called as well."

"The other day mother said, 'I value the good will of people above most all else. I would go to any lengths to have nobody feel I had wronged him.'" (Written by Ethel and Thomas' son Spencer Papworth Call, March 6, 1960)

Ivan Walter Warren and Annie "Dolly" Stump Warren, married 5 (or 6th) April, 1909. 
Sealed 25 May 1949 in the Idaho Falls Temple.
{My great great grandparents - Call side}

(From Annie's daughter, Bessie Warren Call, August 1962) - "Annie was known as Dolly to everyone she associated with throughout her life. Her father gave her that nickname because she was so tiny and as pretty as a doll. Her family was poor and she learned to work hard at a very early age. She worked in the fields, milked cows, washed clothes on a washboard and helped with housework... [When her brothers] were old enough to help at home, Dolly worked for other people doing housework and milking cows for $1.50 a week. She came to Freedom [Wyoming] to work for the Warrens. While she was there she met her husband, Ivan Walter Warren. He had come home from herding sheep to visit his parents. Bishop Low married them in Afton, Wyoming. A clipping from the paper read, 'A very pretty wedding was performed at the telephone office. The  bride looked beautiful in a white dress off-set with orange blossoms and the groom correspondingly nice in a suit of blue.'"

"Dolly had eleven children, three girls and eight boys, all born in her home. She believed firmly in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Relief Society meant a lot to her. She seldom missed any of the meetings. For many years she walked to the meetings. She was a Visiting Teacher for many years. She taught her children to pray. She went to the Idaho Falls Temple and had her family's temple work done."

Fanny Ellen Yergensen Lott - married Benjamin Lott 20 February 1921; sealed in the Manti Utah Temple 28 July 1950. 
{My great great grandparents - Taylor side}

"Fanny was born 18 October 1886 in Monroe, Sevier, Utah.
Her parents were Hans Jorgensen (Yergensen) and Charlotte Elizabeth Kearns. As children, both Hans and Charlotte had walked across the plains. Hans was with the Willie Company and twelve years old [at the time]."

"[Fanny's] first and only child was born April 4, 1922. [She] named her Wanda Rose Lott. Some of the qualities Wanda wrote that she loved about her mother are: kind, worked hard, always there for you, honest, trustworthy and patient."
(From a family history - unidentified author)

(From Fanny's daughter, Wanda) - "There were quite a few tramps that came through the canyon [where we lived]. They would stop and want something to eat. Most of the time they would want to chop wood to pay for it. One time a family came through the canyon in a covered wagon. They camped just above our house along the road. They were out of food and the father and his oldest son wanted to work for some food. They had a large family and a tiny baby. They camped there for about a month and worked for flour, potatoes, hay, etc. The kids would come down and play and sometimes I played at their camp. I thought it was really neat to have some playmates. I've often wondered what became of them."

"Mother always canned a lot of vegetables that we raised in the garden. We didn't have any electric stove and no pressure cooker. She would get out the old no. 2 tub and put about fourteen quart jars of vegetables in it. Then we did like we cold pack today. Peas and string beans we boiled for 3 hours, corn had to be boiled 4 hours. Daddy made a wooden cover for the tub out of boards so we could boil it easier. This kept us shoveling in the wood and that made the kitchen so very hot."

Bessie Warren Call and Evan Papworth Call, married 11 July 1935 in the Logan Utah Temple. 
{My great grandparents}

"On 20 February, 1931, I received a call to the Eastern States Mission and left home on this assignment 20 April. Headquarters of this mission at that time were in Brooklyn, New York and after reporting there, I was sent by President James H. Moyles to New England where I remained for about fourteen months. I worked with some very fine missionary companions in Boston, Brockton, Fall River and New Bedford, Mass.; my choice was Harden D. Young, grandnephew of Brigham Young. President Moyle then transferred me to the Blue Ridge District, as presiding Elder. The area of this district included part of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. In this district we conducted meetings in jails, churches, and wherever else we could, and used every honorable means to teach the gospel and had a number of converts. I was appointed publicity manager and was permitted to have a car and visited most of the libraries in this district listing pro- and anti- Mormon literature. I was released 15 July 1933 and, after attending for the third time the annual missionary conference for Eastern States and Canadian missionaries at Palmyra New York, I started home and en route attended the World's Fair for a week in Chicago. I left Chicago with $25 and arrived home still with $1.35 and very happy."

"The last of May 1935, I met Bessie Warren and six weeks later on 11 July we were married in the Logan Temple. From my youth I had dreams of a home and family of my own, and upon returning from the Eastern States Mission, I told my Heavenly Father of my desire and asked for His guidance and special blessing. I asked that I might meet someone whom I might get along well with, someone who could go to the temple with me and who had the same ideals and aspirations, someone with good health, someone who was willing to work. This was quite a lot to ask, but Bessie Warren met all of these requirements and many more beyond my fondest dreams. To us have come fourteen children, seven boys and seven girls..." (History written by Evan Papworth Call, July 17, 1960)

"I was baptized a  member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Salt River, one mile east of Freedom [Wyoming] on 10 July 1925. In December 1931 I had a patriarchal blessing. I could feel the power of the Priesthood when Patriarch Raymond Clark laid his hands on my head. I have read this blessing often and have desired to live for the promises that have been fulfilled.

I am thankful for those who taught me correct principles. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. I know that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I know we have a living prophet on the earth to guide and counsel us. I know the Priesthood has been restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that faith is a gift from God. I have faith in Him. I know He hears and answers our prayers. I have experienced healings and other blessings through prayer and the power of the Priesthood. I know that Satan is real and has great power.

I received my testimony after having a sincere desire to know if the Gospel was true, serving in the Church, studying the scriptures, and exercising faith and prayer. After an experience with Satan's power of destruction, evil, darkness, and fear, I was left weak and wondering, followed by a feeling of peace within me. An inexpressible feeling of joy and happiness came to me when the Holy Ghost bore witness of the truth. By the power of the Holy Ghost we may know the truth of all things. My testimony is my Pearl of Great Price, which I value above everything else. I believe we cannot perform the high tasks in life without the help of God. We cannot succeed without constant prayer."
(Bessie Warren Call, May 1982)

William "Bill" Orson Goldsberry and Marie Larsen Goldsberry, married 14 February 1929 in the Logan Utah Temple. 
{My great grandparents}

"I was baptized by Hans Peter Rasmussen in a ditch in front of his house June 30, 1917. I was confirmed a member of the Church July 1, 1917 by my father, William Larsen."

"The first time I met Bill there was no electric current between us... at least not by me. He claims there was for him... To me he was just another fellow to dance with. I had a pretty steady boyfriend on a mission at the time, so I wasn't looking for a new one... just a new friend to dance with."

"Shortly after I graduated from high school I went to Beverly Hills, California. A girl in our ward had been in California [working as a nanny], and the lady she worked for asked her if she could find someone to take her place. My parents agreed to let me go, which surprised me greatly. My mother told me later that the only reason she let me go was so Bill could go back to his old girl friend, and I would wait for Joe... if that was supposed to be. Otherwise, she would never have let me go. Bill tried to get me to accept his ring before I left, but I wouldn't."

"So... I went to California! I took care of two little boys. This family was strict Christian Scientists. The grandmother had some kind of title, and when someone got sick, they would call her and she would go into her bedroom and 'think' them well. She always stayed in there a long time and was never supposed to be interrupted. The boys had a terrible cough while I was there. Their mother would say, 'Now stop that coughing. It isn't necessary.' ...I don't remember how long [I] stayed in California, but I decided it was time to go home.  I will never forget the surprised look on Bill's face [when he saw me]. He just grabbed me by the hand and took me to his car and took off. He drove for about a mile. Then he stopped the car and gave me a big kiss. From that time on we knew we would be married. I don't remember any formal proposal. I just know that we began planning our future together. It wasn't all smooth sailing. I gave him back his ring once... and was sorry before he got down the lane. But he was soon back and the ring was on my finger again."

"...True to the Goldsberry pattern of children, Kent... arrived two weeks early... on the 21st day of November, 1939. He was the only one to be born in a hospital. It was a good thing that he was because he needed oxygen. It must have been the hand of the Lord that made me go to the hospital because I sure didn't want to."

"As I look back on my life, I can see the hand of the Lord in so many things. There has never been anything of a spectacular nature, but little things along the way." 
(Written by Marie Larsen Goldsberry)

Wanda Rose Lott Taylor and Gail Lavor Taylor, married 20 November 1937.
Sealed 15 July 1947 in the Manti Utah Temple. 
{My great grandparents}

"When I was eight years old I was baptized in the Sevier River. It was just about 1 mile up Sevier Canyon behind the dance hall called Shady Dell. It was really a nice day on the 6th of July, 1930 and such an exciting one when you are about to become a member of the Church. We dressed in a ticket-taker's booth at the dance hall. While I was dressing a big bee came and stung me on my lip and it swelled up real big by the time I was baptized. I was baptized by James L. Levi and confirmed by Paul Levi."

"We lived 4 miles from the church house in Cove (Sevier). The Sunday School teachers that I liked really well were Dora Ross, Verl Baker, and a very special one, Elma Levi. She taught the Book of Mormon class and we really loved it. She encouraged us to read the Book of Mormon. Two of us finished. We had to give a talk in church on it and then she presented us with a new Book of Mormon."

"... In September of 1938 I went to stay down to my mother's to have our first little baby because I was due on the seventeenth of the month. She came on September eleventh, 1938 at my Mom's and Dad's in Clear Creek Canyon, Sevier County.  The Dr. had to really work with her to get her to take her first breath. It took quite a while. He had to give her a shot of something before she did. My prayer was answered, though, and she gave her first little cry. I was never happier to hear a little baby cry. She was such a sweet little tiny girl - no hair, but just light fuzz. She had such big eyes and they looked blue. Gail and I were so thrilled to hold our little girl in our arms. Only parents can know this joy." 

"I have a testimony of this gospel. I know it is true. I know we have a true prophet of the Lord leading us. The Lord has helped me and my family throughout all our lives. He gave me some wonderful parents, a wonderful husband, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. We have a lot of trials in this life but they will make us strong if we let them. Prayer has been a big thing in my life. Many times I thought maybe they weren't going to be answered, but they were. Sometimes maybe I didn't like the answer, but if we do listen, things will be fine. I love you all and thank my Heavenly Father for all of you. ...My family is and has been my whole life." 
(Written by Wanda Rose Lott Taylor)

Louise Call Goldsberry and Kent L. Goldsberry, married 23 August 1963 in the Logan Utah Temple.
{My grandparents}

Wanda Taylor Syddall and Billy Wayne Syddall, married 28 May 1965. 
Sealed 21 January 1978 in the Salt Lake Temple.
{My grandparents}

Kristina (Tina) Ann Goldsberry Syddall and Billy Wayne Syddall, Jr., married 12 March 1988 in the Salt Lake Temple.
{My parents}

Lynnea Marie Fisher Syddall and Taylor Call Syddall, married 29 December 2011 in the Denver Colorado Temple.
{My brother and sister-in-law}

Austin Chad Anderson and Britta Ann Syddall Anderson, married 4 February 2012 in the Mt. Timpanogos Utah Temple.
{My sister and brother-in-law}

Jason Thomas Paull and Lexee Marie Syddall Paull, married 11 April 2015 in the Bountiful Utah Temple.
{My sister and brother-in-law}

Me and my little sister, Mauri.

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