Monday, September 14, 2015

I Believe in Miracles!

Helllllloooooo Everybody! What's up?!

So I think I'll just start right off by writing about the amazing miracle we have seen this week. I believe it was two weeks ago that I told you about the woman who asked us if she could come to our church [even though she was active in another church]. But I should actually start from the wayyyyy beginning. This woman was a referral from a recent convert. Sister Bader and her previous companion had challenged this new convert to just give a pass along card to a friend. She happily agreed and gave it to her closest and dearest friend, and her friend was willing to meet with us, but made it very clear that she had her own church that she was very happy with. Now fast forward past the experience of her coming to church with her grandson and asking if she could come to our church. Sister Bader and I were just eating lunch on Wednesday and we get a text from our recent convert saying... HER FRIEND WANTS TO GET BAPTISED!!!! She wants to meet with us and take the rest of the lessons as soon as possible! Ahhhhhh Sister Bader and I were freaking out for a good 15 minutes. This was seriously such an AMAZING miracle! I have to say that one of my favourite parts of the mission is definitely seeing the happiness and joy that the gospel brings to people's lives! I love sharing it with everyone and seeing the progression as they begin to develop a testimony of the gospel. Ahhhhh the church is so true!

I have to say that one of the funniest moments of the week was when we went to visit a super sweet old sister in our ward. She is in her 80's and is unable to come to church, so we go to visit with her and read the Book of Mormon with her. While Sister Bader and I were visiting with her, we somehow got on the topic of favourite colours and we were all talking about how great the colour pink is, and then the older sister says, "Pink makes the boys wink - that's why I wear it!" I was just cracking up because I did not expect that at all hahaha.

On Saturday night we had a farewell party for one of the young men in the ward who will be leaving on his mission to Honduras in a couple weeks. Elder Sowah thought that it would be a grand idea to do a musical number, so Sister Bader and I so kindly obliged. We seriously practiced for like two minutes before, and it was so funny because Elder Sowah was playing the piano SO LOUD you could not even hear us singing at all so it was just awkward haha. Afterwards people were like "hey, good job! We couldn't really hear you singing... but you were all smiling!" lol

Sorry I don't have a ton to say this week... so I'll share another word that is different here that really threw me for a loop... they call a flashlight a torch. We were at a member's home and one of them was like "ahhh, there's a spider" and the mom was like "oh just go get a torch and kill it" and not going to lie, I was just a wee bit concerned that they were going to pull out this fire torch and light up the spider in the house hahaha. Then they came in with a flashlight and I felt like a fool, but hey, that happens to me at least once every day.

Something that I came across this week in my study was in a talk by Randall L. Ridd called "Living with Purpose: The Importance of Real Intent." There was a quote that really stood out to me. He said, "Don't spend time focused on climbing a mountain only to discover you climbed the wrong one." It just made me realise how important it is to be focused on the right things. Put the Lord first in your life and try to always strive to do what He would want you to do, and focus on what He would want you to focus on. If we do that, we will not have to face the feeling of energy wasted on something that did not deserve the time.

Well I hope that you all have a wonderful week! Thank you for the support and prayers! I love you all!

Sister Syddall

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