Monday, June 20, 2016

Howdy Pardner

HOWDY YA'LL! I'm just getting into my new character over here in Thetford because DANG am I surrounded by lots of Americans from the South. I feel like I'm in this weird middle ground between the states and England. I didn't even realise how adjusted I was to the English culture, and now it's hitting me that I've grown accustomed to the English life! I can't even explain how weird this feeling is... but it's been such a crazy crazy week, I'm gonna jump right into that!

So obviously transfers are always a rough day. Saying bye to Stevenage and all the wonderful people I met there was so hard. And I think my luggage has put on like 10 pounds in each suitcase, so that was a struggle through London during rush hour. Then I met my new comp Sister Wilson, and said goodbye to Sister Searle. It was so sad leaving her behind! But I know she'll keep on rockin it in Stevenage. Oh, and when we arrived to my area (we actually live in a place called Brandon) we went out to get some groceries. As we were walking back my companion was like "do you have the keys" and I was like "uhhhhh, no... wait. Do we have the phone?!" "Uhhhhhh.... no." Then we just started cracking up at our misfortune! We then trekked over to the library and called someone on Facebook (who even knew you could do that?!) and we were SAVED. This was the first person I met from one of the wards and she has some TEXAS PRIDE. Her accent cracks me up every time. I love it!

Sister Wilson {my new companion} is so great! She's from California and has been out in the field for 6 weeks, so she was in the same group as Sister Searle. She's my chauffeur in our SICK car which looks like a mini minivan. You know all the people that see us cruzing, rocking out to EFY songs, are soooooo jealous ;) But I have to say, it's a step up from the bikes haha! I may not ever be driving while I'm here, though (it's complicated - tests and such - and expensive to get a UK driver's license, which is REQUIRED after you have been here for a year, and I am at my 1-year mark in about a week), but I'm okay with that because it would just stress me out. Not to mention the amount of people here that have their huge American cars who just whiz around with no care in the world. But it's all good.

The first few days here were just CRAZY. Sister Wilson told me about Don, who was going to be baptised in two weeks. Then he calls the day I got here and is like, "wait! I'll be out of town in two weeks so I want to be baptised THIS SATURDAY." And we were just like "sayyyyy wahaaa?!" So we went to District Meeting Thursday, and spur of the moment, our District Leader {+ his comp} came back with us to Thetford (a two hour train journey) to interview Don. After we dropped them off for the interview, we went and taught an investigator, then zoomed back to pick them up so they could make the hourly train... then we proceeded to get lost for 45 minutes driving around a legit forest. Elder Packer and I were both literally dying with the most insane allergies I've ever had in my life. So... they missed their train. We decided to give them some delicious spaghetti (leftovers from the member we ate with the evening before), and we got them back on the train to Kings Lynn. It was such an adventurous day.

So we arrived to Friday, and we literally had to throw together the entire baptism this day. We needed talks and people to say prayers and clothes for Don and Priesthood holders and EVERYTHING. The Mildenhall Ward just got a brand new ward mission leader, but he saved our life! He was sooooo willing to help us organise and plan and call people. The ward members here are just absolutely amazing. We couldn't have gotten everything together in time without them!

Saturday was the big day, and Don was baptised! It was so wonderful and there was a good turnout for support and it was really just so so great. I had just barely met Don the day before, but he's like a giant teddy bear and the sweetest person and was SO ready to be baptised. Again, I just have to reiterate, both of the wards here are AMAZING.

Saturday night was hilarious because Sister Wilson and I proceeded to have a full on conversation in our sleep, and we both woke up talking about a lesson and were just like "what is happening?..." And then I looked at the clock and it was 2:30 in the morning and we just laughed and laughed. Then we fell asleep again in like .3 seconds because we were exhausted. It was so odd though hahaha.

Sunday was my first time attempting six hours of church. Lemme tell ya, that's a longggggg time. BUT I still loved it and loved getting to meet the members from each ward. I've got a lottttt of names to memorise here. We will see how it goes!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!
Sister Syddall

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Found this picture on the UK and Ireland missionary momma's facebook page. Can you spot Shilo? I can ;-) She's next to Sister Searle, about four rows back, left from center.

and another I spy:
Photos taken June 7, 2016

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