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I'm gonna try to make up for the sad sad email I sent last week. I can't promise that it will impress... but... I will try.

On Wednesday this week we had a whole lot of time to find find find! I've got to say, finding in these tiny little villages has made me greatly appreciate the amount of people in Stevenage. We were just street contacting and met some nice people, but nobody was wanting to hear more. Then the people started disappearing off the street (the whole 5 of them haha) and we decided to try out some tracting. So we go to one of the few streets in Brandon and start tracting and literally NO ONE was answering their doors. Then after attempting like 7 doors, an old lady comes out and is like "why are you knocking on all these doors?! This is for 65 and older, none of these people will answer the door." So we were like "ohhhhkayyyy" and we tried our luck with another street. We were just going along, preaching the word, doing our thang, when a woman answers the door and is like "oh, I'm busy right now, but I can talk for a minute." So we start sharing about the Book of Mormon... and it all just went downhill from there. She started ranting on for a good 45 minutes, and we were lucky to get a few words in. She was very set that the Bible is the only thing we need, and she was not at all open to hear any answers. When it all came down to it, the only thing we could do was to bear testimony. It's interesting, because it's in these moments when people question my faith that it grows even deeper. I can feel the spirit just burning in my heart and I want so badly for these people to know about this wonderful gospel! But, we've all still got our agency, so I'll just keep testifying away, and hope the spirit will touch someone's heart as my companion and I do.

After district meeting this week we took "family pictures." I believe I've explained this before, but it may have been an eternity ago. So... Sister Wilson is my "step daughter," and she is Elder Packer's "daughter." Elder Meier is Elder Packer's "son," and since I'm the sister in the district that has been out the longest, he is also my "son." So we thought we could take an awkward Christmas card photo. And yes, I know it's a bit weird, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity haha.

Friday we headed to Colchester for exchanges with the STL's. I had the opportunity to be with Sister Wright and it was just SO good. I always learn so much from different sisters! We stayed the night, and Saturday morning we had the soccer game of ALL soccer games. I'm talking me, my companion, the Sister Training Leaders, another set of sisters, the Assistants to the president, the zone leaders, and another set of elders. It was a madhouse. And the grass was supa wet and slippery and the two attempts I made to actually kick the ball, I a) missed the ball like a noob, and b) almost slipped and killed myself. It was pretty crazy hahaha. My skills are not needed on a soccer team, but it was good fun!

We headed home on Saturday morning and helped a sister in the ward decorate cookies for her son's baptism. Again, just like soccer, that is not my strong point. All I was asked to do was write a simple CTR, and yet I struggled so bad haha. Then we rushed off to teach an investigator named David. He's the nephew of some members in our ward, and he's been here a little over a month. We've been teaching him the discussions, but he will be going home to Las Vegas tomorrow :( Hopefully the transition from us to the missionaries there will go smoothly. Then we rushed off to the baptism we had decorated cookies for, and ate loads of banana bread. Since the baptism ran a bit long, our finding time was cut short, but we KNEW if we had the faith, we would find someone prepared. When we were just about to end our finding, we stopped a girl from Lithuania and she was SO happy and nice! She's so excited about the Book of Mormon, and we will be seeing her again this week! Heavenly Father always answers those prayers, it's amazing!

I had a random allergic reaction this week to either cherries or fresh mango... haven't debunked exactly what it was because I'm too scared to try anything to find out. I was coughing and my throat was itchy and my whole body started to itch, so I took some Benadryl, and let me tell ya, that just about KILLED me. I was practically a zombie for the rest of the day, but I pushed through. I fought through the sleepiness, and am still here to tell the tale.

Oh, I can't believe I haven't mentioned Elder and Sister Park to you yet!!! They are the senior couple here over the military relations, and they are just SO great! We have FHE with them every Monday evening, and they help us out all. the. time. Ahhh, I just love them. They're so fun! Elder Park is just about the funniest guy ever. I don't have a picture of him right now, but I'll be sure to get one. Elder Park taught us how to play chess, so that's exciting haha!

Today we are having a barbecue for Elder Packer because he goes home next week! AND it's super sunny AND it's super warm AND we get to play frisbee, so what could be better?! I hope you all have a super duper fantastic week! Love you ALL!

Sister Syddall

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