Friday, July 10, 2015

I made it!!!

Hey mom and dad!

Just want to inform you that I have FINALLY made here safe and sound :) Thank you for being there yesterday for me when I was so scared! Talking to you guys helped. I am so so grateful my prayers were answered and 6 other missionaries were with me. What a BLESSING! After a nice night in a hotel we were able to go back and sit in the airport until our flight. And now that I'm here I can say I think I'm going to love it!! The 6 missionaries I have been with have been awesome and I am excited to meet the rest of them. Weird though, all of the missionaries that were with me flew from Utah to Colorado to New Jersey so I was just wondering why the heck I didn't get to be on THAT flight?! Oh well though, it all worked out :)  Everything here is so beautiful and green, and peoples' accents are a bit hard to understand, but awesome. Oh, and we were told we aren't supposed to say "awesome" {haha}. Instead we are supposed to use words like wonderful or marvelous, so that will be an adjustment! I just want to let you guys know I LOVE YOU! Tell the rest of the fam I love them too :)

Love, Shilo

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