Monday, July 27, 2015

Officially in the Field!

Hello everybody!

I hope that your week is going wonderfully. I will try to recount everything that has happened since my last letter, but it has been a while so I will do my best!

The last few days in the MTC were so great. I just loved all of the missionaries there so much! Our last few days were still filled with a ton of new learning. We did have the opportunity to do finding there in Manchester, which was a daunting task, but it went well! Sister Nyakoh was already a pro since she had been in the field for two months, so she made it a lot less intimidating. People on the bus informed us that people are a lot more open to listening in Manchester (which is true, I have come to find out!).

Saying goodbye to everyone on Wednesday was so, so sad. The trio was separated as Sister Nyakoh had to head back to the Netherlands for her mission. Then we took off on a five hour bus ride to London! There was a group of 17 missionaries, which made the bus ride fun! When we finally reached London it was SO surreal! All of the buildings have so much character and are so different. I love it! The mission home is right across from Hyde Park and the location is just beautiful! I took some pictures on my camera, but unfortunately I don't have a way to attach them because I am emailing off of an iPad.

When we arrived we met our mission president and his wife, President and Sister Stevens. They are just the SWEETEST people in the world and I feel so blessed that I will get to know them throughout my mission. They are very new as well, but they are doing such a great job! We were actually their first new group of missionaries that have come through, which is exciting. (Side note: They've had multiple kids that lived in Parker and were in our stake!)

Here is an excerpt from the mission letter President Stevens sent out this week:

"We have had 19 new missionaries arrive into our mission this past week. As they were welcomed to the mission, I shared some of the proud history of missionary work in England starting back in 1837 when the Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation to send missionaries to England. He sent Apostle Heber C. Kimball and 6 other missionaries who arrived in Preston on Saturday, July 22, 1837. On the day they arrived, it was a public holiday prior to a Monday parliamentary election. Bands played and various groups marched with political banners flying. After unloading their trunks from the coach, the elders looked up and saw a large flag flying before them bearing the motto: 'Truth Will Prevail.' With one voice they responded, 'Amen, and amen.' They took this as a sign from heaven of good things to come. Our 19 new missionaries also arrived to their new field of labour on July 22nd! These new missionaries bring a fire and enthusiasm that is contagious. We are excited to welcome them to ELM."

Then we got to meet our trainers! My trainer is Sister Bader and we get along SO well. We both love talking so it's very convenient {haha}. She's hilarious. She is from Switzerland, but I seriously would have never guessed because she sounds 100% American. It's funny because sometimes I'll say some weird word and she will be like, "Wait, what does that mean?" Then I remember again that English isn't her first language. She has taught me a few German phrases and said I'm actually not too bad! I'm sure she's just trying to make me feel good, though {haha}. She is such a great missionary who loves this work so much! She has been such a great guide to me already, and I can't wait to see what else she teaches me.

First day of knocking doors: ACCOMPLISHED. 

I am serving in an area called Hayes and it is very close to London.  We are allowed one p-day in the transfer (every 6 weeks) to go and explore the city! I am not positive of when we will be going, but I am so pumped! And this area is just so great. The ward I am serving in is so nice and really diverse, so it's super fun to meet the different people. One member told me that there are people from 24 different countries in our ward! That is so crazy cool to me. The bishop and his family, the Gonzalveses, are so wonderful. They are Brazilian and funny, and they make some really good food, which always wins me over.

There are a set of elders that serve in our ward named Elder Convey and Elder Sowah. They are seriously the most hilarious people I have ever met - they make everything fun. I met our district for the first time (3 sets of elders and Sister Bader and I) and I can tell that it's going to be a great transfer. I am learning so much everyday and growing so much!

This week I have learned a lot about patience. It's been kind of crazy because I do not really have the whole routine down, and I don't know my way around very well, and I just want to get right into the swing of things. But I have realised that THINGS TAKE TIME. I know that as I rely on my Heavenly Father and try my hardest, He will help me. My district leader assured me, "A mission is like a train. It starts off slow, but then it will just take off." I am just going to work on being patient until it "takes off" and I am so excited for all I will learn!

If you would like to send me a letter, my new address is
66A Whitehall Road
Middlesex UB8 2BQ

Sister Bader suggested that packages be sent to the mission home just to ensure it makes it! But that's also because I am super close to central London, so I will meet there a couple of times this transfer (but I'm not suggesting I need a package haha).

I would love to hear from you all!

Sister Syddall

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