Monday, October 10, 2016

The Three Amigos


So. This week is bittersweet because my lil Brit Sister Topp is leaving me to go to Hawaii :(  I'm currently writing this email on the train journey to London to drop her off and say adios. Sad sad day. But I am very excited for her and the many great adventures that she has ahead!

Now I'm gonna be partying it up in a trio! I will be serving in Canterbury for 10 days and will be with Sister Johnston and Sister Yau! Sister Johnston is from good ol' Texas USA, and Sister Yau is from Hong Kong. This will bring me back to the good old MTC days of being in a trio!

This week has been really good! In our area we've been going through a bit of a dry spell. It's been a tough transfer trying to find people to teach, and it's been a big struggle getting people to come to church because the location is not very easy to get to. And I've come to find on my mission that people don't really want to have to TRY very hard. HA, it's great... BUT this week I wouldn't say we got a flood, but we definitely got a lil sprinkle because our pal R was FINALLY able to come to church! We found R a few weeks ago, and he has not been able to come yet, but HE CAME THIS WEEK. And he loved it. And he wants to come next week and... I won't be there ;') but the ward will take good care of him!

Oh, this week I got stung by a wasp and it just sat there on me. I started freaking out sooooooo much, so I was like "Sister Topp!!! Get it off of me!!" She just stood there in fear, not knowing what to do hahahaha, so I finally mustered up the courage to slap the wasp off of me. I wish I could have seen this from someone else's perspective. Oh, and to make matters worse, it essentially stung my armpit. Score.

This week we also had interviews, and talking to President and Sister Stevens is just always such a treat! They're the greatest. I love them so so much! And we got to watch FOURTH FLOOR LAST DOOR again, so I was one happy camper!

LIFE IS GREAT THOUGH! I am excited to serve in Canterbury for a week and to see what I can learn while I am there. Being a missionary is simply the best thing in the whole entire world! I love it with all my heart :)

Sister Syddall

Post post: a little later today Shi sent some more fun pictures from her day in London... YAY!

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