Monday, October 31, 2016

White Cliffs

Hiya everybody!

So today for p-day we went with a group of missionaries to a place called "the White Cliffs of Dover" and it was sooooo beautiful. But also soooooo exhausting. One of the elders had a monitor thing and he informed us that we walked almost 8 miles... up and down and up and down. So my apologies right from the get-go if this email is a bit brief, but I really can't think at the moment because I am pooped. And I only have some low quality ipad photos to share because I don't have a connection to a computer for my camera... so when I get the chance I'll try to send some from my camera. These pictures don't do it justice, so I suggest you just pop over to England to come see it yourself :) or google it. That could do it too haha.

This week has been good! We are currently teaching a nice chap named Richard who just called us and pretty much scheduled his own baptism date... haha such a great guy! We met him back when I was with Sister Topp as he was walking through town with a half gallon of chocolate milk, and we've been teaching him ever since! He is shooting for the end of November to be baptised, so please keep him in your prayers! It would be so special to see him make that covenant before I hop back across the pond.

The flat we live in used to be an Elders' flat, so there's all of this weight lifting stuff, and I have decided I am going to take advantage of it hahaha. Every morning I've been puttin' up some reps to try and get those toned arms and legs. I know 6 weeks will transform me ;)

There is a recent convert we have been meeting with that informed us that the only movie that's made him cry is Pokemon when Ash dies... and so of course he proceeds to show us... and of course I cannot hold back the laughter because it's a CARTOON. And ASH COMES BACK ALIVE. So now the recent convert thinks I have no feelings. But it's alright, he's over it. Seriously, how was I supposed to hold it together??

Zone Conference pictures... and a video :)

Highlight of the week was when we were meeting with J, a woman who has not come to church in a very long time. Sister Garcia was VERY tired, and J's home was VERY dim and VERY warm, so as we were talking, I would glance over at Sister Garcia and she was just dozing off every couple of seconds, and as soon as her head would fall, she would jerk back up super quickly. Poor Sister Garcia was trying SO HARD to stay awake. At one point J and I were talking, and Sister Garcia just all of the sudden started telling some story about how her brother was a very small baby when he was born, and her sister was really big. I was just trying not to burst out laughing because it was SO random and out of the blue. We had a good thirty minute laugh about it once we left. I think J just didn't know what was going on hahaha.

Okay, I realise this isn't short even though I said it would be... but it's probably a bit confusing, so I'm sorry about that! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Sister Syddall

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