Tuesday, January 5, 2016


HELLO HELLO HELLO EVERYBODY! I hope you all had a fantastic New Year!

So I know you're all SO EXCITED to hear about transfers (even though none of you probably care that much haha)... I will sadly be leaving this sweet place I've called home for the last six months, and will be moving on to a town named STEVENAGE (probably spelled that wrong lol) WOOOHOOOOO.  Now, if you would like, you could research this place and probably know a whole lot more about it than I do at this point. I seriously don't know where it's at BUT I am excited for the adventure nonetheless! And also nervous/anxious/worried BECAUSE I will be WHITEWASHING this area with my companion, Sister Smith. (Sorry for the excessive amount of capitalisation in this paragraph.) Whitewashing means that we will both be going in blind and figuring out the area together, which will be a very interesting experience. It's something that usually missionaries aren't particularly pumped about doing, but I am looking forward to it, and know that it will teach me so much! Also rumour on the street is that my area isn't the most riveting place in the world, but I am just going to have a positive attitude through the experience, and I'm sure it will be great :) Oh, and funny side note, when they were doing the moves call, our zone leader accidentally said that I would be whitewash training (everyone's nightmare) and so everyone was like "oooooooo I'm so sorry..." hahaha, but luckily I'll be with a very well-seasoned companion!

(No pics this week, so here's a map of where Stevenage is... approximately 30 miles north of central London)

This last week in Hayes has truly been AWESOME though! Let me just think of a few highlights...

On Wednesday we were stopping in the library to get some directions. When we sat down, an older woman came up and sat by us. We began a conversation with her and she seemed actually very interested in the Book of Mormon. As we continued to talk to her, she made it clear that she was NOT interested in reading the Book of Mormon - she told us she did not need it because "Jesus was her boyfriend." We were just like what the heck??? so yeah, that conversation got wrapped up quickly.

Later that night we had an appointment that we had found a member to come with us to, and at the very last minute our appointment cancelled (story of every missionary's life). The weather was literally awful and rainy and cold, and it was pitch black, but the member was already there and he was SO sweet and offered to go finding with us despite the nasty weather. It ended up being such a successful time! Who knew that so many people would stop to talk to us. We found two university students (aka the most fun people to teach) who were very receptive and want to learn more!

On New Year's Eve we had another great day! The night prior we got a phone call from Sister Jackson because Sister Reeder was going to be gone with her daughters that night. Sister Jackson didn't want to be alone in Wembley because it's got some kinda intense people (did I mention the senior Sisters moved :(  sad day. But I'm moving too, sooooooo doesn't make a difference, I guess). She had called President Stevens as asked if she could stay with us, and he said yes! So we had a slumber party with Sister Jackson hahaha! It was so much fun though. We went and got pizza from PAPA JOHNS, which I was very surprised they had here... but they do and it tasted just like it does at home. We had to be in our flat by 7 because of all the partying going on, so we just had a nice time eating and chatting! We didn't even stay awake to see the New Year because lemme tell ya, by 10:30 I am SO PUMPED to go to sleep. So that's exactly what we did! The next morning we just got right back into the swing of the work, it honestly didn't even feel like the New Year. The only sign was the excessive amount of vomit we were dodging in the streets, which was nastyyyyyy.

The weather was really bad for most of the week, but especially Saturday. That also happened to be the day that we were doing mission-wide finding for an hour and a half. Of course we just buckled down and went out talking to any living thing and we actually saw some great miracles! We met three different people that wanted to learn more and set follow up appointments. Heavenly Father was truly blessing us and the entire mission despite the less-than-desirable weather. Sister Mekonnen and I were literally soaking wet by the end of the day and frozen to the core, but it still put us in such a good mood because we saw so many different little miracles. Ahhhhh missionary work is just so good :)  I'm sad I won't be here to meet with these individuals again, but I'm sure teaching them will be awesome!

Today we are going to London for one last hoorah as a district. I don't know what we'll be doing, but it's always a party when we're all together. I'm going to miss Sister Mekonnen and all the crazy Elders so much! It's just been too fun! I've got to admit that being the only Sisters in such a big district has been so entertaining. The Elders love to say, "If we have happy Sisters, we have a happy district!" lol. I'll be sure to take pictures and I'll try to send them next week!

I feel like this email is pretty underwhelming so... sorry about that! OH WAIT. One random thing I forgot to mention: I GOT POOPED ON BY A PIGEON LAST WEEK. Do I still think pigeons are the worst thing in the world? Yes. Yes, I do. I hope you all can laugh at my misfortune hahaha!

As a New Year's resolution, I set a goal to increase my understanding of the Atonement. In my personal studies this week I have read a few talks from general conference and a quote that really stood out to me said, "Any increase in our understanding of His atoning sacrifice draws us closer to Him. Literally, the Atonement means to be 'at one' with Him. The nature of the Atonement and its effect is so infinite, so unfathomable, and so profound that it lies beyond the knowledge and comprehension of mortal man." (James E. Faust) I know that it will never be possible for me to completely and fully comprehend what the Saviour has done for me, but I am so looking forward to deepening my knowledge and understanding. I know that I will be able to draw so much closer to Him as I work on this goal. I hope you all have taken some time to see what you can do this year to draw closer to Him. It may be to pray more frequently, to read the scriptures more consistently, or to increase your faith. Whatever it may be, I know that as you truly try your best and ask Heavenly Father for help, you will be strengthened.

Love you all SO MUCH and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Syddall

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