Monday, August 22, 2016

Changing lives, one Eastern European at a time

Hello hello hello!

This week has been just fannnnnnntastic and I'm excited to share more about it with you! We are still working with that wonderful Polish woman that I talked about last week, and I just feel so much love for her and her great kids. Teaching is always an adventure with the language barrier, but her eyes still just light up when we share something, and you can tell that it just makes sense to her. She has already grown such a love for the Book of Mormon, and says that she has prayed and knows that it is true. She came to church again this past week and she just had this huge smile across her face the whole time. Everyone that has met her has just instantly loved her, and she's just such an amazing person! We are going to have to work through some things with her before she will be able to be baptised, but she is so excited and wants to take that step! She will be moving to another part of England within the next couple of months, so I pray that we will be able to see this miracle unfold before she leaves. She sent us this Facebook message, and it just brings the biggest smile to my face: "You gave me a big chance and also I nided a friend's and Jesus Christ brought you to me. Thank you for being here." Seriously, NOTHING beats that happiness that I have felt as I've seen the gospel bring so much joy to people I meet.

We are also working with a Lithuanian woman, and she's just so sweet! She is a young mum and her schedule has made it hard for us to see her very often. Our mission is making a very big push on using Facebook to help people in their progression, which has really helped us with her. We brought her a Lithuanian Book of Mormon a couple weeks ago, and her eyes just lit up when we gave it to her. When we visited her this past week she was like "sorry I haven't been able to read very much..." and then she proceeds in her broken English to give us a perfect synopsis of everything she read. She told us all about Nephi and how he was righteous but his brothers were not wanting to listen, and then she told us all about Lehi's dream. And she just said she loved it! She is going to Lithuania for a few weeks, but we hope when she gets back we will be able to help her progress more. She did say she wants to take the Book of Mormon with her, though, so she can keep reading it.

This week we saw many miracles of meeting a lot of new great people! Some Spanish, some Venezuelan, some Portuguese, American, English, and of course our Eastern Europeans!! The Lord has been blessing us immensely, and I am excited to see what more will come with these wonderful people we have met.

Me and Sister Matthews; Sister Hudson and Sister Wright 

Sorry... these are kind of lame pictures!

I also got to go on exchange this week, and had the opportunity to be with Sister Matthews from South Africa. She just served in Thetford, so it was wonderful to get more advice on how we can continue to strengthen the area. And, of course, exchanges are always a load of fun!

We are sadly car-less again... but we hope it will be back within the week! Feels good to walk every once in a while, though, I must say.

I hope you all have a stellar week!

Sister Syddall

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