Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tropical Paradise


So, today we are embarking to the nice, tropical, hot, sandy beaches of England. Hah, PSYCH! Pretty sure it's gonna be lots of rocks and cold andddddddd anything but tropical, but hey, I'm sure it's still gonna be a grand time! So due to that fact, I don't have a lot of time to write out a long and profound update (although I'm pretty sure they are never profound haha) but I'll try my best!

So I wanted to write about a little MIRACLE that we saw this week! It was a cold and wet day, so no one was out and about in the town, so we decided that we could do a little bit of tracting to find someone who might want to learn more. A member had told us we should tract a specific road, butttttt we could not find it. So we found another road and we were feelin' it. We were ready to find some prepared souls! We met one very kind woman who wasn't interested but told us her neighbour might be. So we go over to her neighbour's house, and this SUPER friendly woman answers the door. Her English wasn't the greatest, but as soon as she saw "Jesus Christ" on our name tag her face lit up and she was like "Oh, come inside! Come inside!" So we went in and found out she was from Poland. She was so excited to show us her Bible and we told her we could get her a Book of Mormon in Polish. She was so happy, and we set an appointment to see her the next day. When we brought her the Book of Mormon, she was ecstatic and then we invited her to church, and she came with her two sweet little kids! And she LOVED it! She brought her Book of Mormon and Polish Bible with her and she showed us that she had already read 6 chapters! Sister Hudson and I are so so grateful for this amazing miracle we saw! We are excited to see how the gospel can bless her.

Alright, now let me tell you the side story about the picture with me and the other Sisters laughing. We were outside at our zone meeting, gearing up to take the group pictures I sent last week. So I'm standing by them and put my arm around Sister Hudson and then put my other arm behind Sister Smiddy, and no joke my arm reached all the way over to the right shoulder of Sister Powell. She obviously thought it was Sister Smiddy, but then she realised it was just good ol' me with my monkey arms! We all just burst out laughing, and I realised how monkey-like my limbs were haha!

{insert P-day trip to the beach here}

Okay. Now I have a couple minutes to write about the beach. It was indeed very rocky. Very painful to the soles. And there's a bunch of little mounds of sand on top of the sand. Yeahhhhh, found out that's essentially worm poop. But these are no regular worms. They're HUGE and gross and the Elders went digging for them and they were just disturbing. So yeah, lots of worms under the sand. But HEY! It was still fun!

I hope you all have a stellar week!

Sister Syddall

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