Monday, September 12, 2016

Week of change

Hey everybody!

So this week has been super weird, actually, but it's also been good. I'll just jump right into it!

As I mentioned last week, I am in a new area. I live in a place called Sittingborne, and it is SO different from my previous areas! But overall I think it's a super cute lil place (and actually when I say "lil" it's way bigger than my last area haha), and there are some of the cutest houses ever, and it's right by the sea, so it's a fun change. We also cover an island in our area - although I think it's a solid 200 metres away from the border of land haha. But that's still an adventure! The island is super weird honestly. It's infamous around the mission for having very strange people, and I have to say it kind of feels like you're in an old 80's movie when you're there. Blast into the past for sure hahaha! I have also been told that I am in the "refiners fire" because it's a tough area, but I'm sure all will be well!

My companion, Sister Topp, is from England! YAY! My first Brit companion :) She's helping me perfect my accent so I can wow everyone when I get home haha. I mentioned last week that she's just been in the field for 6 weeks, but she's a ROCKSTAR. Seriously killin' it. Unfortunately our time together will not be very long-term because she is waiting for her visa to go to HAWAII. Pretty sweet, right? But that takes me back to earlier in the week to explain why it's been so odd...

On Wednesday, Sister Hudson and I began the trek to London from Thetford for transfers. I'm pretty sure my bags keep putting on weight, and it just gets harder every time I transfer. We finally made it there, and as we were all gathered, Sister Topp arrived and she's like "Oh, we are staying in London overnight because I have an interview at the US Embassy tomorrow!" I was a bit confused because no one had mentioned it to me. So we, along with another companionship who has a sister waiting for a visa, made our way over to the mission home and waited to be told what was going on. I was a bit annoyed because, had someone told me, I would have packed much more smartly to have the stuff I needed overnight together, but all was well. While we were just waiting, the APs came up and are like "Sooooooo. There's really nothing for you to do today, so go take another p-day and look around London!" So we went to Buckingham Palace and Harrods (aka the great and spacious building... seriously... look it up) and had a fun day! It was definitely the most spontaneous day of my whole mission. And we all came to the conclusion of why having plans is so important... because otherwise ya just end up wandering around.

Spontaneous London p-day! Me, Sister Mcfarland, Sister Topp, and Sister Maughan.

Group selfie at Buckingham Palace

Me and Sister Mcfarland! We actually sat next to each other on the plane ride to England :) TIME FLIES!

That's allllllll store.

Harrods. Enough said. 
(BTW, that's over $69,000)

This outfit only costs my life savings...

Another treat of this whole day was that I got to spend time with Sister Searle! She's training a new Sister, so do you know what this means?! I am a grandma!! And since we were around London all day, I got to meet my granddaughter, Sister Oo. And she's awesome!

My daughter and granddaughter. 

Thursday morning we headed to the embassy and got that all sorted out, and Sister Topp and Sister Maughan were.... APPROVED. We were worried about that one because they seem so sketchy (hah), so now it's a waiting game to see how long I get to keep Sister Topp. Hopefully at least for the transfer, but we shall see!

Now I am once again surrounded by the Brits, and I've got to say I've missed these folks :) AND I get English meals again. SCORE. I've missed my English roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.

The cute houses in Sittingborne. 

A better quality picture with the Parks (from last week)!! I'm going to miss them so much!

Well, I'm sure next week I'll have a little bit better of an idea of what this area is like and such. I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Sister Syddall

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