Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hello everybody!

I'm sorry for forgetting to mention last week that it was transfers... but to update you all on that, I will sadly be leaving this great area and will be follow-up training a sister in Gillingham! I will be in the wonderful Canterbury Zone, and other than that I have no idea about anything haha! I'm sure I'll have much much more to update you on next week. But besides that, it's been a super great week! I want to start off by talking about a little miracle:

In our mission we do something called "mind the gap," or for a shorter term "gaps." I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but it consists of doing four little 2-minute role plays each day with our companion where we teach different principles and we choose one of our current investigators and try to act as them. Every meeting that we have as missionaries they choose a companionship at random to stand before the other missionaries and teach a "gap." One night, as Sister Hudson and I were beginning our gaps, I said, "hey, let's think of someone we will meet in the future and teach them a gap!" At the exact same time, Sister Hudson and I said "STEVEN." Now, don't ask me why we both thought of the name Steven, but we took this as a sign. We were DETERMINED to find Steven! Over the next few days, each time we would begin our finding, we would say a prayer that we might find Steven. A few days passed and we still hadn't found him. BUT THEN, one beautiful sunny day as we began our finding, right off the bat we met a super great guy. He had so many great questions and was seeking to find truth. I bet you can guess where this is going... as we set up a return appointment with him, we were like "hey, what's your name?" And he said "I'm Steven!" Right at the moment I just couldn't help but to smile so stupidly, and Sister Hudson looked at me with a big grin on her face. Thinking back, he was probably a bit weirded out, BUT nonetheless, he was willing to meet with us again! Since then we've seen him twice, and he is SO great. I'm just sad that I won't get to see his progress :( and actually, neither will Sister Hudson. Elders will now be covering one of the two wards we covered, and Steven is in those boundaries. But hey, at least all of us are on the same team!

This week we also had a lesson with our Polish investigator, and we Skyped in another Sister missionary that is Polish to help us out. Let me tell ya, I don't think I've ever felt so lost hahaha! They were just jibbering away in Polish, and Sister Hudson and I just sat there like a pair of llamas. She is still doing great, and I am so so sad I won't be here to see her progress towards baptism :( but it will still be wonderful!!

This is the Ellis family -- they have been so so great. We always feel like we are at home when we are with them!

This is the Whittle family -- another one that I love. I am going to miss all of these people so much :(

One more -- The Parks! I'm going to miss them SO much!

Saying goodbye to people is just so sad and hard, transfers are never easy! But I know that I will be where the Lord needs me to be :) and I am excited to have even more new experiences!

Oh. And I'm going to miss the American food. And candy. And the people, of course! But I'm on to new adventures!

Have a great week everyone!

Sister Syddall

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