Monday, February 1, 2016

A little pot and a crazy hair day


I hope you have all had a spectacular week! I have major brain fog of what even happened this week, but then again, that's every week haha. I guess I'll hop back to last Monday when we went to London!

As promised, pictures from our p-day London adventures 3 weeks ago:

Now a couple pictures from Monday's p-day London adventure:

We did the usual. Saw Big Ben. The London eye. Went to Camden Town. Honestly, it's not nearly as exciting when THOSE ARE THE ONLY PLACES YOU'VE GONE TO. I really don't know why that's always the missionary crew's favourite place to go, I suppose it's because we usually are with at least one person who has never been to London, so they gotta see the main stuff. But it's still fun with a group of people! And I got to ride on the underground again... brought me right back to my time in Hayes. Man oh man, now that I don't have the accessibility to London transport, I miss it SO MUCH. Oh, and have I mentioned that practically the entirety of Stevenage is built underground? And they do not believe in stop lights here because they only have roundabouts. So as we are walking from place to place it's literally just underpass. after underpass. after underpass. AND they have practically no signs, so Sister Smith and I have to pop up to the main road every two minutes to see where the heck we are. BUT that's ok. Learning how to follow my directional senses, which I have none of hahaha. I'm still alive and haven't ended up stranded yet.

Something that's a little unfortunate about Stevenage is that 80% of the time it smells like pot. I practically gag every time I smell it because it's just about the most repulsive stench in the world. Something funny that happened this week was at a teaching appointment. While we were teaching one of our investigators, his friend stopped by and came in the room. She listened to the lesson and then towards the end she was like, "Okay, I've got to go!" Then she proceeded to pull a bag of weed out of her pocket and was rollin' it up. Everything just kind of fell silent in the room and it got mega awkward. It was quite humorous though, because the member we had in the lesson with us just had this very panicked look on her face. But then the girl left, and we proceeded with the lesson and it was AWESOME. This guy is way prepared and wants to get baptised!!

Later on in the week we had a district meeting. Afterwards we ventured over with the other Elders to FIVE GUYS holllllllllla. And I ate. And I rejoiced. And then we went out and did a blitz with the district (all four of us, woohoo! haha) and the Zone Leaders. When the Zone Leaders were getting ready to take us back to Stevenage, they needed a drink so we stopped by Asda. While we were there, a man came up to us and was like "have you seen the movie (some anti movie...)?" We were like, "uhhhhh.... no." And he said, "oh, it's a really great film. It's anti, though. But it's a great film. You should watch it." So our Zone Leader starts talking to the guy a bit more and the guy starts getting all heated about the church, telling us that it's what is wrong with the world, blah blah blah. Our ZL was just like, "well, sir, I hope you have a great day" and reached out his hand and the man said, "NO, I'm not going to shake your hand! You guys are doing great harm! You're telling people that the way they live is wrong!" Then the guy kind of stormed off and I honestly was chuckling at the whole situation. He was super ridiculous.

We had dinner that night once again with the people who have the KILLER DOG. During dinner the owner of the dog (to give you a description of this man - he's probably late 50's, long gray hair with a strangely gray beard, always has a bunch of dirt on his hands because he's a gardener, spits A LOT when he speaks) starts showing us all of the different axes that he has and a samurai sword. He also told us he was a wolf in a previous life. And that Joseph Smith is an alien. Hahahaha oh man, some people KILL ME.

Another funny story... last night we stopped by a less active member. She is not completely mentally all there, so as we are talking about her week, she all of a sudden goes "CAN I DO YOUR HAIR?!" I was just like "ummm, ok." So she starts doing really random braids, then proceeded to put my hair up in a pony tail and braided this small little braid right down the middle of my face. It looked quite peculiar. And then she asked if she could take a picture, and I was assuming that she would just keep it to herself. What does she do? SHE POSTS IT ON FACEBOOK. Oh my heck, I've never felt so embarrassed. So now the whole ward can see it. How swell.

Hmmmmm what else... I guess I'll just end with some of the funny things Sister Smith said this week:

"What is it when you're afraid of blood? Homophobia?"

Sister Smith: HONOLULU!
Me: what...?
Sister Smith: Isn't that how Hawaiians say hello?

Alright everyone, I hope you have a wonderful and magnificent week!

Sister Syddall

P.S. I hope you're all praying for that Broncos Superbowl win WOOOHOOO!

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