Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stevenage for another 6

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful, love-filled Valentine's Day! I LOVE Y'ALL

So if you can't tell from my very obvious heading to this letter, I will be staying in Stevenage for another transfer! I am WAY pumped to see what Sister Smith and I will be able to accomplish. We are teaching some wonderful people, and we are so excited to help them progress towards baptism. Oh, and another thing I am WAY pumped about is that I get to kill Sister Smith! I know that sounds very odd, but in the good ol' missionary lingo that means that I will be the one to send her back to her mother land of UTAH. I truly have already learned so much from her and am looking forward to see what more I can learn in the coming weeks.

Alright, so as I think back on this week, I realise that it has been packed full to the brim, so I'm just going to try and think of the highlights! The first highlight of the week is that we had a special conference with President Stevens and one other zone about the missionary broadcast from a few weeks back, AND I GOT TO SEE MY MISSION MOM! Seeing Sister Bader was seriously so so great! It was way funny to see her face as Sister Smith walked in, she was practically in tears seeing us two haha. She said "Whenever I see a previous companion, all of these memories just come flooding in, and seeing two at the same time makes me feel like I'm in a dream!" Hahaha, I miss that girl so much! She's a funny one. And I got to see the Thiesses once again, which was such a treat! Sister Thiess is just about the sweetest human ever! Oh, and I have to mention that at the beginning of the meeting they announced that I would be conducting the music, no warning whatsoever, and then I couldn't get a hymn book, so I didn't know the words or the count for that matter, and it was just all one big mess! Luckily I was a bit more prepared for the closing hymn.

Sister Bader and I are just a wee bit taller than Sister Guimaraes haha. 
And Elder Packer with a nice photo bomb.

Another... well... I wouldn't necessarily say highlight... was after district meeting this week when we went to Nando's (some chicken restaurant). I have been sick all week, and it was probably at its worst on this day. I was coughing practically every time I talked and my nose was like a constant stream (nice picture in your mind, right?) and I just had this really bright idea to try this "x" sauce this place had. Each of the Elders were trying it and saying it wasn't that bad, so I was just like "alright, why not give it a try?" It was a BIG MISTAKE. Right when I ate it I couldn't really feel anything, but then a few moments later something was triggered and I was coughing for a solid 5 minutes and only one of my two eyes was watering like CRAZY. Seriously, just a constant flow of tears down my face. To make matters worse, I was sitting in the middle of a bench and had a wall right behind me and had no way of escape, and Elder Leite did not think to move to let me out, so I was just trying to hold back this nasty cough and also turn around and cover my mouth. Everyone seemed to get a good chuckle out of it, though, so I guess I am glad I was able to be some comic relief for everyone haha. It was quite a fiasco though ahhhhhaha.

Something way funny happened with one of our investigators named Marston. We were following up with him to see if he had been doing his reading. He uses the Gospel Library app, and he was like, "yeah, I have been! But as I was reading through, I somehow ended up on something about missionaries...?" And then he proceeded to quote back from memory our daily schedule. He had somehow ended up on Preach My Gospel and just went on reading it. We all started dying laughing hahaha. It was way funny.

Highlight number... 4 is it? We were tracting, ya know, doing our thang, and were just getting a whole lot of "not today", "I don't want to be Mormon", doors shut in the face, when we happened upon this one door and a girl about our age answers. She told us she was just about to go to town, but that we could go ahead and walk along with her. We had a great conversation, and she had a lot of wonderful questions. Just as we reached town where we were going to part ways, we asked her what her name was, and she said Emma, and then we proceeded to tell her our names, and after Sister Smith says her name, Emma is like, "hey, I'm a Smith too!" THAT'S RIGHT LADIES AND GENTS. We are going to be teaching an Emma Smith. Did we think this was way cooler than the average human probably would? Yes. Yes we did. But it was still awesome.

Sister Smith pre pierced ears haha.

On Saturday morning we had a Relief Society breakfast and this Elderly Chinese sister (the funniest person I think I've met in my whole entire life), was talking about earrings, and noticed that Sister Smith did not have her ears pierced. Then she was like "OH lets go on your pday to get your ears pierced!" So what did we do this morning? That's right. We went to Claire's and Sister Smith got her ears pierced. She took it like a champ, no watery eyes or anything. I'm so proud of her haha.

Well, if you've made it to the end of this crazy long email, congratulations. Here is a nice uplifting quote for you all:

"Courage is not limited to the battlefield... or bravely catching a thief in your house. The real tests of courage are much quieter. They are inner tests, like remaining faithful when no one's looking... like standing alone when you're misunderstood." ~Charles Swindoll  BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE!

Sister Syddall

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