Monday, March 14, 2016

Reunited and it feels so GOOD

Hello hello hello! This week has been a really great one so I'm just going to skip the awkward introduction that I always try to add and start talking about the good stuff!

So first of all, the number one highlight was meeting with Andrew once again! Oh my goodness, I am just so happy to see how HAPPY the gospel is making him! He is on track to be baptised this upcoming Saturday (the 19th), so please keep him in your prayers that all will go well :) Throughout this entire teaching process it has been so amazing to me to see how the Spirit has testified of the truth to him. The light and happiness that has come into his life has seriously just put the biggest smile on my face! He has such a strong faith and is so ready to make this covenant. I am also so happy that in the future he and his wife can be prepared to be sealed together for time and all eternity, because what could be better than that?! So all together there's just an immense feeling of HAPPINESS all around!

The other major highlight of the week was that I GOT TO SEE SISTER MEKONNEN AND SISTER REEDER AND SISTER JACKSON!! Hence the title of the email ;) Oh my goodness, it was just like we were immediately back in the good ol' days all laughing up a storm and having a grand old time. AND it was Sister Mekonnen's birthday, so it was way fun to be with her!

 Happy Birthday, Sister Mekonnen! Sister Smith just looks so happy! Haha

 I tried to get Sister Jackson and Sister Reeder... this was the best I got 
(at least Sister Smith is smiling!)

I love Sister Reeder!

The sisters :)

We had a zone conference all about Easter and the Atonement and Christ, and the Spirit was just flowing strong throughout the entire meeting. I LOVED IT. President and Sister Stevens are simply amazing, and their testimonies truly inspire me! We got to eat a whole lot of pizza, which was nice (Sister Reeder grabbed a slice she didn't really want so she forced me to eat it after I was already full, but I kindly obliged haha). I have to say my favourite conversation that took place was as follows:

Sister Stevens (talking to me, Sister Reeder, and Sister Smith): Oh, isn't it so wonderful to be reunited again?!

Us: YES!

Sister Stevens: Just think about the years down the road when you can have a great reunion!

Sister Reeder: Well... I'll be dead by then!! (She said this with so much enthusiasm, it. was. hilarious.)

And then we all proceeded to laugh for a solid 10 minutes. Ahhhhh, I miss all of those crazy people!

Another hilarious happening this week was when we went to see this woman who is just an... interesting character :) She's less active, but very sweet! As I explain this story, you're going to need to visualise the scenario... We are all sitting on one couch in a line. I was sitting in-between the lady and Sister Smith. At the end of our meeting with her she leaned over and gave me a hug and was saying thank you for visiting and all that jazz. Then she proceeded to lean over me and hug Sister Smith, so Sister Smith kind of half stood up, but they were both leaning over me. As I have mentioned previously, Sister Smith is NOT a fan of hugs, but this lady just kept hugging her for such a long time! And then she put her hand on her head and I was just silently laughing because I was imagining what the heck was going through Sister Smith's mind. I was trying not to shake uncontrollably due to the fact that I was just kind of in the middle of them, but HECK it was hard to hold it in. I managed, though. Right when we left, Sister Smith and I were just cracking up because it was so odd but so funny all at the same time. I wish I could have gotten it on video. I also wish I could have seen Sister Smith's face because it was probably epic hahaha.

To end I'm going to share a quote that Sister Reeder quoted (don't know who said it though) at zone conference. "You can't find progress in the comfort zone, and you won't find comfort in the progress zone." Now that was not perfectly quoted, but I tried my best haha. BUT it is a great reminder to always stretch ourselves. We have SO much potential, but this time on earth was given to us to learn and grow and become better each and every day!

I love you ALL!

Sister Syddall

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