Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A note from a stranger... a mother's dream

Hi all! This is Tina :)

I received this fun message from a complete stranger and wanted to post it here {for memory's sake}.

"Hi Sister Syddall.

I am currently on business in Europe and ran into your missionary and her companion today at the train station. I thought you'd enjoy a quick picture of them. They were smiling and getting their tickets sorted. If I had more time I would have taken them shopping!

All the best,

I thought perhaps this was Shi's new companion, although I was puzzled that she looked so familiar. I asked Shi about it and this is what she wrote:  "The sister in the picture that was sent is actually not my new companion -- she was my companion-for-a-day when I sent Sister Smith home :) the one in the picture is Sister Phillips and she came out with me, so it was great fun to be with her for a day!"

This was the FIRST time I have ever received a note or picture of my missionary from a stranger... hope it happens again someday!


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