Monday, April 4, 2016


Hiya everybody!

I hope that you have all had a great week, and that you all gained wonderful insight from General Conference! I was so spiritually uplifted and am looking forward to re-reading the talks (and listening to the final session). But WOW. I am just SO grateful that we are blessed with a living prophet and apostles, and I know that they are truly men called of God!

To be honest, missionary work this week has just been rough. The numbers were less than desirable and we have just been working SO hard. We've met so many great potential investigators this week, had return appointments, and then they were un-contactable and/or never showed up. Reporting the week was just depressing over all because in essence it looked like we did not really accomplish much. But it is okay, because I know that this work was never meant to be easy. These hard weeks are the weeks that seem to teach me the most, and Sister Hernes and I are SO looking forward to this upcoming week to see what we can accomplish!

Sister Hernes is an AMAZING missionary, and I can already tell that this is just going to be a great transfer. She has so many great ideas to help the area grow, and we just have so much fun together! I'm determined to learn some Norwegian with her so I can impress all my Norwegian friends at home (ok, I don't really have any Norwegian friends at home, but that's besides the point haha). She is my third foreign companion, but yet again, has a total American accent just like Sister Mekonnen and Sister Bader did, so it still cracks me up when everyone asks where in the States we are from.

So let's talk about transfers for a minute. The morning that I had to lug Sister Smith's stuff to London was rough. After we made the 35 minute trek to the station (yes, 35 minutes, crazy I know), up and down up and down, we finally got on the train and on our way to London. Sister Smith had one bag with a broken wheel, so she managed that one, while I had her other bag and a little carry-on for myself (but very heavy because some of her stuff was in it). We get to the station at Kings Cross going on escalator after escalator. I've always been quite proud of myself for the ease I get on and off with two bags. WELL this time as I got on to go down, Sister Smith's bag caught the edge and my bag continued to go forward and I was like "OH NO." At this moment I had to make a choice: let go of Sister Smith's bag and go after mine, or don't go after mine and possibly let it take someone out. I thought Sister Smith's bag was stable enough to not fall down after me, so I go for mine, and as I reach out for it, it just darts down the escalator. I tried to yell to the people in front to watch out, but no one listened. BUT the Lord was on my side, and miraculously there was a gap without people (which is super crazy, because these stations are always packed) and no one got hit. I did make a total buffoon out of myself to all the people who saw, so that was quite the experience haha.

I got to make the lovely trip with more bags back to the flat when Sister Hernes came to move in, and man oh man, I am getting some solid muscles (ok, maybe not THAT solid, but there's been progress). Then we had to go do our grocery shopping for the week, and on our way back we were just walking and talking, and all of a sudden we hear these little bike bells going off and then BOOM, {it all happened so quickly, I practically missed it} Sister Hernes got hit by some lady on her bike! She was definitely protected, though, because the way that the bike hit her caused her to kind of spin around and not really take much impact. Oh goodness, it could have been so much worse! Definitely a great blessing. We were able to laugh about it afterwards. Welcome to Stevenage, Sister Hernes!

Hmmmmm well I guess the other humorous thing that happened this week is when we went to a home for dinner, and the guy was wearing jean short shorts. And I mean SHORT shorts. So I hope that left you all with a funny mental picture in your mind. Such interesting people in this town haha!

Something I loved from conference this week was when Elder Donald L. Hallstrom shared a quote from Elder Holland that really struck me: "You can have what you want, or you could have something BETTER." It really reminded me that sometimes what we think we want is so much less than what the Lord has in store for us! We need to remember who we are, sons and daughters of God. How amazing is that?!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Syddall

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