Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sister Searle, like Pearl

Hello everybody!!

I hope you have all had a fantastic and wonderful week! There have been some big changes over here this week, so I'll just get on with that!

My new companion's name is Sister Searle, and she is just AMAZING. I'm tellin' ya, I couldn't have picked a better one! She's from American Fork, Utah, and we just get along so so well it's insane. We are already freaking out about the prospect of being separated next transfer haha. And I'm really freaking out because that could very well happen due to the fact that this will be 6 months for me in Stevenage at the end of this transfer! Training thus far has been just amazing. There is such powerful faith in every new missionary, and we just see MIRACLES. It's been so fun to see her recognise all of the little miracles, and it has helped me open my eyes more to all of the amazing blessings Heavenly Father gives his missionaries!

Wednesday was such a crazy and tiring day! All of the missionaries had to fly in from Provo that morning (the Preston MTC was closed for some reason), so they were all EXHAUSTED. I was sooooo tired from the day before going shopping around London with Sister Hernes, so I couldn't even imagine what these poor new missionaries were feeling like! I was surprised at how nervous I was to meet my new companion. Before we met them, the AP's were like, "ok, so when you meet them you have to talk about your area and just make it sound GREAT" and with all these other missionaries being in areas like Canterbury or Cambridge or London, I was feeling the pressure to make Stevenage sound like it was happenin'.  I don't honestly know if I succeeded at making it sound that great... and then Sister Searle's first dinner experience was with none other than the man who wears short shorts. What a welcome to the mission! He even showed her both of his samurai swords. What a treat haha! But she's had just the BEST attitude towards the work, it's been great. She's so motivated to work hard and find those prepared for the gospel!

On Friday we had a lesson with the Bible basher of ALL Bible bashers. Oh. My. Goodness. We had set a return appointment with her the week before, and when we rang the doorbell she was like "ok, you can come in if you're only talking about Jesus. I don't want to hear ANYTHING about Joseph Smith." So what is the first thing that the member with us talks about?!? "Well, Joseph Smith..." Face palm. Then it just all went downhill from there. I have never had a lesson with someone essentially just yelling at us and telling us that we are wrong and that we are spreading the devil's word, and that we have been deceived... like wowza. I felt so bad that Sister Searle had to experience that on her second day! Honestly, it truly breaks my heart to see someone feel like that. It was making me frustrated as well, because in that moment when someone is denying what you KNOW to be true, you just want them to understand and give what you're saying a chance. The only thing we could do for this lady was to bear our testimonies. We both definitely learned a lot!!

The rest of Friday was so so great! We met some great people, and we taught this man named Sean who has such a strong desire to know if God is really there. The spirit was very strong throughout the lesson, and we were able to extend a baptismal date to him for June! We look forward to teaching him more. We went to the Azzarian's for dinner and they are just the BEST. They thought my birthday was May 13th rather than June, so they gave me birthday presents and a cake. Then they were like "well... we will do it again next month!" Hahahaha I just love them.

Saturday was a bit rough. All of our appointments essentially fell through, AND I burnt the heck out of my fingers. I may have touched a hot stove... but it's healing, it's healing. I may not have fingerprints, but it's healing. This was a very pointless and random paragraph. Just thought you like might to know of my stupidity.

I am so excited for this upcoming week! I am excited for this transfer! I am excited for the rest of my mission! I am excited for my life! I'm just excited, ok?! I love you all!

Sister Syddall

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  1. 'the man who wears short shorts' ��
    I believe I know exactly who that's referring to. What a great way to welcome Sister Searle to Stevenage and England, it says a lot about her desire to serve that she didn't go straight back to the airport ��